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Natural Zeolite Granular for Water Filter Media

Natural Zeolite Granular for Water Filter Media

Brand Name : JIAHE
Model Number : JH-105-2
Certification : MSDS, SGS, REACH
Place of Origin : CHINA
MOQ : 20mt
Price : USD85-105
Payment Terms : L/C, T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability : 50000MT/,OMTH
Delivery Time : 2-8DAYS
Packaging Details : Natural Zeolite Granular for Water Filter Media 25KGS 500KGS
CEC : 178 MOL/100G
Name : Natural Zeolite Granular for Water Filter Media
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Natural Zeolite Granular for Water Filter Media

The applicability of natural zeolites for the simultaneous removal of ammonia and humic acid, two of the most encountered current contaminants, from the surface waters was also investigated. Their removal depends on pH value, initial concentrations of humic acid and ammonia, temperature and contact time. The obtained results indicated that zeolite showed best performance for simultaneous removal of ammonia and humic acid at the pH close to that of natural waters . The use of natural and modified zeolites has been further investigated for the simultaneous removal of Fe and Mn ions from underground water samples. In particular, Fe and Mn removal levels are between 22-90% and 61-100% for natural zeolite - clinoptilolite . The development of new and cost effective methods to remove As from ground waterand drinking water also becomes one of the research priorities. The occurrence of arsenic in natural ground waters is due to geological composition of soil.

Numerous and excellent research results in the last 10 years have shown that natural zeolites have practical use, which is confirmed by a large number of patents, especially for the two naturally occurring zeolite minerals: clinoptilolite and moderniteshown in. The number of patents is substantial for both zeolite types, which gives a clear notice that the interest of researcher in natural zeolites is strongly encouraged by the commercial sector covering the use in households or in industrial/large-scale processes and treatments.

Feeding pigs

You can greatly reduce the consumption of animal feed and get organic products by adding to the diet Transcarpathian natural zeolites.

Application of natural zeolites in feeding pigs helps to slow the rate of passage of food through the digestive tract mass, resulting in increased level of digestive juices. The use of zeolite increases the ability of animals to use nutrients. The mineral encourages the preservation of "healthy offspring”, provides natural hair shine, healthy growth, strength, recovery of protective ability of the body.

Natural zeolites have unique adsorption, molecular-screens and catalytic properties that provide positive impact on the physiological state of animals.

Zeolitic tuffs are capable to adsorb carbon dioxide, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, methane, nitrous some compounds. Passing through the digestive tract, zeolite removes excess fluid from it, harmful gases, endotoxins, thus preventing diarrhea.

Found that a week after the beginning of feeding zeolite the digestive process stabilizes, increases the total acidity, peptic activity of gastric contents, proteolytic activity and aminolitychna pancreatic juice, intestinal absorption of calcium and phosphorus.

Experience of the wide use of zeolites in various farms in Russia, USA, Japan, Germany and other countries shows that the inclusion of zeolite in the diet of animals increases the nutrients digestibility of feed, reduce deaths, especially at early age, prevents the appearance of dyspepsia, removes toxic and noxious products from the organism, metabolism, prevent diseases associated with micronutrient deficiencies.

Zeolite has extremely positive effect on diarrhea that occurs in piglets during weaning them from sows.

Recommended use of zeolite flour of fraction 0,1-1 mm.

Dosage: zeolite flour is added to animal feed with rate of 0,3-3% of the total weight of feed.

Basically zeolite is used to boost the immune system, normalize metabolism, prevention of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Zeolite in animal husbandry makes healthy offspring, to strengthen the protective ability of the body.

Please note that zeolite flour can not be used simultaneously with compounds that increase peristalsis, digestive and laxative substances.

Apply zeolite flour fraction 0,1-1 mmwith concentrated feed the scheme:

a) for weaned piglets at 6-7 weeks, zeolite flour is added to feed of the piglets at a rate 0.3% of the total mass of daily food (3 days zeolite flour is added to feed - 9-day break, etc.);

b) from 10 kg zeolite flour is added to feed of the piglets at a rate 0.5% of the total mass of daily food;

c) upon reaching 20 kgl zeolite flour is added to feed of the piglets at a rate of 1% of the total mass of feed, and when 40 kgare reached – it increases to 2%;

d) upon reaching by sows and boars 80 kglive weight, zeolite flour is added to feed at the rate of 3% of the total mass of feed.

Remember to rotate: 3 days zeolite flour is added to feed pigs - 9-day break, etc. In case of constipation in piglets zeolite do not add flour to feed.

Zeolite mineral feed additives, which are used in animal feed, help:

♦ to increase the nutritional value of feed for pigs;

♦ to run all the important processes of metabolism of animals to increase the effect of consumption of nutrients that come from food;

♦ to improve the course of physiological processes in pigs;

♦ to strengthen the immunity of pigs, prevent common diseases;

♦ to increase the fecundity of mature individuals;

♦ to withdraw from the body of pigs radionuclides, heavy metal salts and other harmless substances and compounds, toxic and harmful products of metabolism;

♦ to prevent the death of the pigs;

♦ to saturate the body of pigs useful trace elements;

♦ to influence on morphological composition of blood, its redox function, saturate it with oxygen.

Zeolite in animal husbandry

Zeolite is used as mineral feed supplement to boost the immune system, to normalize metabolism, to prevent gastro -intestinal diseases.

Zeolite improves fertility and increases survival of healthy offspring, provides a natural wool luster, healthy growth, strength, renovation of the protective abilities of the organism.

The usage of natural zeolite in animal and poultry nutrition contributes slowing the rate of passage of food mass through the digestive tract, and thereby increases the impact of digestive juices on them. The usage of natural zeolite increases the ability of animals to use the nutrients of the diet.

One of the positive effects of zeolite is the increase of the vitality of animals and birds.
Experimentally proved that the feeding with natural zeolite helps to reduce the number of gastrointestinal diseases, which may be stipulated by a reduction of bacterial infections in the intestine.

Also, the natural zeolite feeding, apparently, promotes the excretion of metabolic products and toxic substances introduced to food

The use of zeolite as a supplement in animal feeding can:

• improve the nutritional properties of food;

• positively affect the digestive processes in animals organisms, to improve the efficiency of nutrients absorption;

• improve the physiological condition of animals;

• increase the viability of animals, to prevent certain diseases;

• increase the productivity of animals;

• adsorb and rid the body of animals radionuclides, ammonia oxide and carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide and heavy metals.

The practice has shown that regular use of zeolite increases the following indicators:
In case of giving feed to cows increases:

• average daily milk yield to 5-8%;

• the safety of newborn calves to 10%;

• increase in live weight of offspring to 6-18%

In case of giving zeolite feed to the sheep increases:

• wool clip to 13%;

• the wool strength to 6-12%;

• multiple pregnancy of ewes to 11%

• live weight of offspring to 3-14%

In case of giving feed to pigs increases:

• preservation of piglets to 15-18%;

• offspring productivity to 8-10%;

In case of giving feed to all kinds of agricultural birds increases:

• body weight to 5-10%;

• safety of livestock to 2%;

• hens egg-laying to 3-5%;

• decreases the eggs breakage to 3-5%;

As a deodorant of livestock premises:

• adding 250g of zeolite per 1 kgof litter destroys the odor for 100%;

• The litter humidity of 25% is achieved in 2 days term.

Physiological experiments showed notable positive effect of zeolite on the digestibility of dry and organic substances of feed, nitrogen, calcium and phosphorus absorption. Was revealed higher bone density of tested animals in comparison with control.

The usage of zeolite has extremely beneficial effect as a therapeutic agent for diarrhea that occurs in piglets during weaning them from their mothers.

The experiments revealed that a week after the zeolite feeding digestive processes are stabilized, increasing the total acidity.

Zeolite for natural and waste waters

Zeolite from Sokirnyanskyy deposit with high content of clinoptilolite is most suitable for potable, technological and waste water purification, pre-treatment in water systems of power plants of all types.

Ammonia nitrogen is particularly harmful in the wastewaters, the excess of the concentration limits of which is equivalent to the presence of a deadly poison to all alive, including for fish. To preserve fish resources, Japanspends from 2400 to 4800 tones of zeolites per year for its dispersal in the coastal territories of ocean, where the fish is spawning. Thus, $ 0.5 million is "released" in the ocean every year and it pays its cost.
Cleaning of agricultural and industrial effluents and emissions into the atmosphere - one of the most important zeolites usages in the world.
Data on ion-exchange properties of clinoptilolite show that they can be used for concentration and separation of large cations of alkaline, alkali-earth and some non-ferrous metals.

Zeolites are applied:
• In potable and industrial water systems;
• In the water treatment for heat and power companies (the previous purification of water);
• In the treatment and purification of waste water;
• In the treatment and purification of biologically treated urban waste water;
• At the previous clean-up in ion-exchange cycles of treatment.

Zeolite works successfully when it is required:
• Removal of heavy metals from industrial effluent using zeolites
• Removal of viruses, cyanides, trichlorethylene and emulsified oil products
• Removal of fluoride
• Removal of phenol
• Removal of tall oil and amines
• Cleaning of liquid radioactive waste (RW) zeolites

The material is an effective load for single-layer and multilayer filters.

Increased porosity (26-40%) adds high hydrodynamic characteristics of the material. Dirt holding capacity of filter allows you, in comparison with sand filling, increase of filter cycle at 6-12 times – what was demonstrated by the tests. This makes it possible to save considerably on the washing water in the electricity during washing. In this case, the impositions of load wash waters for a three years period in no higher than 10% of the volume.
In addition, zeolite, being a natural ion-exchange, allows you to combine the processes of adsorption and filtration. For example, the capacity of ion ammonium Nh4 + is, on average, 700 mg.ekv. / kg, and is provides sorption of metal cations Cs + - Rb + - K + - Ba2 + - Sr + - Na + - Ca2 + - Fe3 + - Al3 + - Mg2 + - Li +. Zeolite will selectively sorb radionuclides Sr90, Cs137, Co60, Ca45, Cr51 in solutions with high content of other cations. At the process of work can be reduced pollution of ion exchange resins, increasing their lifespan.
In this case, the low cost of natural zeolites determines the possibility of their use in sorption processes, without involving the regeneration of the resin.

The material can be regenerated

Zeolite in dry mixtures and building materials.

Zeolite is used as an active mineral supplement in the manufacture of dry mixes, cements, concrete solutions, foam and aerated concrete.

The product is made from high quality natural zeolites and is designed for usage in the manufacture of building materials.

Can be applied:

• to add into the dry mixtures, concrete with aim to save the cement and reduce cracking of concrete;

• as a filler of concrete solutions, as zeolite is not caking, thus eliminating the usage of anti-caking agent;

• to produce high-strength concrete;

• as a lime-zeolite binder component for autoclave and without autoclave silicate concrete;

• as a binder component and the concretes made on its base;

• in the production of calcium silicate bricks;

• for the production of dry mixes, including for the production of drying plaster;

In the production of cement, dry mix, aerated and foam concrete:

• shortening the duration of stiffening - beginning for 1.5 hour and the end for 3 hours.

• increases the specific surface to 800-1900 m2/t.

• increases grade of cement for 30-40 units.

A mixture of cement and zeolite is used for the production of high-strength concrete in a ratio of 19:1 - 6:1. This allows us to obtain concrete with greater compression resistance than that of Portland cement

Partial replacement of cement by 15-20% zeolite allows to get cement of marks 400, 500, pozzolatic Portland cement 300 with a reduced time of the beginning and end of the stiffening. Zeolites are also used as an active mineral supplement and binder component for silicate concrete and as gypsum cement pozzolatic binder component and concretes based on them. Zeolites can be used in cement slurries, they also are widely used in the equipment of oil and gas wells.

Transcarpathian zeolites, being aluminosilicates of alkaline and alkali-earth metals are active mineral supplements in the manufacture of concrete marks with strength 100-400. Inthis case, the introduction of the zeolite in optimal amounts to the concrete can reduce cement consumption for 50 kgper 1 cubic meterof concrete with maintenance the concrete mark with its strength.

The usage of ground zeolite as an active mineral supplement is agreed by State Construction Committee of Ukraine

Scientific-investigational center of State Construction Committee of Ukraine studied the usage of zeolites as fillers for sealing polymer compositions.

Kiev Civil Engineering Institute studied the possibility of ground zeolite usage in the production of acid slag binders, dry plaster mixtures.

Zeolite in the production of cement, concrete, foam and aerated concrete.

Since ancient times, natural zeolites have been used in construction, mainly as a piece of stone.

Back in the 70's the majority of mined in Western Europezeolites were used as building stone, insulating materials of low density and in the process of the production of pozzolatic cement. Zeolites are particularly well suited for the production of hydraulic cements, chemical resistant for exposure, for example such as sea water. As a piece of stone the zeolites have been used in Turkey. In this area, however, competing, and perhaps the most competitive materials are directly volcanic tuff.

Researches have shown that natural zeolites can be used in nuclear power engineering because they are resistant to nuclear degradation, and are cheaper than organic ion exchange resins. Zeolites quickly react with the cement and glass, which allows you to create more robust concrete storages for radioactive materials. Considerable researches in this area were conducted in the last 15-20 years in countries such as USA, USSR, Canada, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Britain, Japan.

For the production of high-strength concrete a mixture of cement and additives, containing 60% of clinoptilolite and mordenite (at a ratio of 19:1 - 6:1) is used. This allows us to obtain concrete with greater resistance to compression than the Portland cement.

Experiments have shown that zeolites can be successfully used in the manufacture of cement slurry during the equipment of oil and gas wells. However, economically, the use or non-use of zeolites in the above mentioned areas depends on the competition of local raw materials in the field of production or on economic efficiency of transporting a particular product.

Application of zeolite

Agriculture:Food processing industry:
animal breedingfood additives
poultry breedingconservation
piscicultureCleaning of food liquids
crop scienceAtomic industry:
productionof organic fertilizerscaptureandretentionof radionuclides
Ecology:Constructionand Building Materials:
vapour recoverypaints,varnishes
effluent clarificationheat insulation-sound proofing
purificationof waterbasinslightweightparting walls
improvement and remediation of soilreinforcersof cement
Elimination of damages caused bytransport facilities.Fire resistant parting walls
Consumer Goods:componentof binding mixtures
sachetPrevention from caking of materials
flavorspurificationof insulin
shoedryersblood purification
odors absorbentsstomatology
cleaners, detergentstreatment of skindiseases
meansfor combating household pestsstomachmedications
fillersfor the cat and dog toiletsWater supply:
aquarium filterspurification of drinking water
Petrochemicals:clearingof circulating water
desaltingand dehydration of oilChemicaland Gas Industry:
catalystschemical reagents;
Pulp and paperindustry,filming materials


production of paper, cardboard

Energy production:chromatography
purificationand regeneration of power-producingoils;dryingof gas;
Preparation of water forboilersandwater heatersprolongatorof chemical reagents action

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